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The Giant Warrior Pirates (巨兵海賊団, Kyo Hei Kaizokudan) were a pirate crew from one hundred years ago that was headed by Dorry the "Blue Ogre" and Broggy the "Red Ogre". They were a band of giants from Elbaph.

The crew is currently disbanded, but an attempt at its revival is currently being led by Hajrudin and four other giants. Currently, they are the Sixth Division of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


—About the Giant Warrior Pirates.

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So far Dorry and Broggy were introduced during the Little Garden Arc. Two of the crew Oimo and Kashii were introduced in the Enies Lobby Arc. An additional member Blyue was introduced in the Round the Land video game.



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According to Mr. 3 they terrorized the sea. As seen in flashbacks, they used two enormous Viking-style ships. One day Dorry and Broggy hunted down and killed two Neptunians, which proved to be of equal size. Yuki, a little girl, asked them which Neptunian was bigger, leading to an argument between the leaders.


The rest of the crew returned to Elbaph, leaving the captains to fight it out on Little Garden. After fifty years, Oimo and Kashii tried to return for them but were captured by the Navy and tricked into the service of the World Government. Eventually, they were told the truth by Usopp, who had met with the two captains earlier, and the two immediately defected from their deceivers and escaped. They returned to Elbaph, knowing that their captains were still fighting.

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At some point, Hajrudin banded with four other giants in the hope of reviving the crew. After the battle on Dressrosa, he asked if the fledgling crew could become subordinates of the Straw Hat Pirates. Although Luffy refused, he nevertheless accepted them as comrades and friends, to which Hajrudin and the others drank to.

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Hajrudin later sent a message to Buggy, informing him of the Giants' decision to leave the Pirate Dispatch Society.

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